Happy New Year


In my last posting I highlighted some of the issues I think will be hot for 2010.  A friend and colleague, Mathieu Weill, reminded me of a good one that I did not cover: “It is the Internet, so expect the unexpected!”  I probably should have made that my number one choice.

In the spirit of being ready for the New Year, there are a few things we should all be doing to keep our social media and technology houses in order and I think this article does a pretty good job in reminding us all of some of the things we should be doing personally – particularly number eight.  Enjoy.

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  • bshell

    Here’s one of the first unexpected Internet stories of 2010: The Web Suicide Machine. If you want to remove all your online identities go here: http://suicidemachine.org/. It’s fascinating that the service is causing such a controversy. For instance, after about 50,000 people signed up to be permanently erased, Facebook has blocked the Suicide Machine, kind of like the computer HAL in 2001 preventing Dave from unplugging it. Can you erase your digital self?

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